Shei Phan




Although coming from a small town in Oklahoma, Shei Phan is making her mark in the big city once as a model, but now transitioning into an artist. 

Shei was discovered to do modeling from a local photographer in Oklahoma. Having taught her the ins and outs of the modeling industry soon after Shei was signed to a modeling agency in New York. 

At 21, Shei made her way to New York working with many brands, rocking the runways internationally and also tv appearances such as: Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. Where she made it to top 5, but Shei realizes that modeling was not her soul passion and just like always falls into the arms of art.

Shei states, “ Even though art is my true passion as a model I was able to work on beautiful projects with unbelievably creative people that has helped give my art life. Having another art form that I have enjoyed so much and living in New York has had a beautiful effect on my paintings. I love to get lost and let my paintings write the story as I go.”

Transitioning from modeling to becoming a well-known artist Shei is starting to cast some vibrant contrast on the art community. On one side of her world, we find the charismatic pandas of the “Ying Dynasty”, while on the other side, we find Shei in a vulnerable yet still so mysterious within her self-nudes of “More than a Model” and “Forget Me Not” series. With this look inside wonderland, Shei brings a little of everything to the table with color confusion and extreme contrast.

“I believe that everyone has the potential to be great. Embrace your opportunities and never let your inner child die. Never be afraid to express who you are, no matter how you have to do it. I create because it’s what I am.” –Shei Phan


America's Next Top Model, Project Runway Allstars, RAW: Artist Showcase and at The Farm in Soho.