Oil on canvas


As I once dreamed as a lil’ girl living in a world That is my own, a world that was not owned By the corruption of the government Trying to enslave us
Trying to control us
Take away from us
Make us feel like we have nothing left
As I grew older that dream of that world Became a nightmare of reality
One that is hard to face because I was never Taught how to behave when rules were brought Forth.
Taught to be free and allow my imagination
To create
Now I’m running low, not on imagination but On hope
Hope of what I am doing
Is it right?
Is it worth it?
I do not know
I wan to live in my dreams and not face reality Numb the pain away
Well actually, I feel nothing
Only in my dreams do I feel
Feel alive
Reality makes me want to die
But I can’t
I know I was give this mind
These eyes
This heart
For a reason, so I must find the strength within To believe again
Believe that I can make my dreams into my reality And over come this insanity

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