"The Blind Queen"

"The Blind Queen"


Oil on canvas


The blind Queen
The one that sits there so unbothered of being
She thinks she has won the battle of self sovereignty Finding the healing point from all her life pain
She sits there so poised
So royal
So numb
Numb to the feeling of reality
But as the passion of golden dreams arise in her eyes so does the corruption of reality within her soldiers
She has lost focus that even the necklace of truth hangs in front of her, but not being seen.
The tree of life of dreams tries to hold on to her soul, but reality grows strong within her soldier and is creeping into her unknowing self.
So numb
She thinks she is okay
But her soul is slowly drifting away
Into the arms of the soul thirsty demon
Where we have all fallen too
Unaware of reality because we want to live in our own fantasy The battle begins and we hope that a lighter day is what we see Darkness falls
Dreams falls
Crowns falls
Will you fall?

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